2011 MA, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, NY

2006 BA, Art History, The New School University, NY




(forthcoming) Co-Editor, AGATHA, Published by Agatha Wara, Oslo, Norway

(forthcoming) Author, "Ivana Basic: Uprooting," Ivana Basic, Small Editions, Brooklyn, NY

Contributor, CASSANDRA press, Contemporary Artists' Book Conference, MOCA Geffen, Los Angeles

Contributor, Art in America, Art Papers, ALAC Reader, carla


Guest Editor, The Miami Rail, Miami

Curator, The Pleasure Principle, FARAGO, Los Angeles

Curator, In the Flesh Part llPotential Adaptations, Gallery Diet, Miami

Curatorial Consultant, 9th Berlin Biennial, The Present in Drag, curated by DIS Magazine, KW Institute, Berlin

Contributor, Art in AmericaArt Papers, Flash Art, SFAQ, DIS Magazine


Co-Curator, The Real World, group exhibition, Steve Turner, Los Angeles

Curator, In the Flesh Part l: Subliminal Substances, (exh. cat.), Martos Gallery, Los Angeles

Curator, STAGE 29800, organized by 501(c)(3) Foundation, Los Angeles

Public Relations and Marketing Associate, Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco

Contributor, Artforum, Art Papers, Flash Art, Miami Rail, SFAQ, DIS Magazine


Curator, Archivist and Web Content Manager, Willow Tree Presents, San Francisco

Curatorial Board Member, T.I.N.A., Venice, Italy

Publications Manager, The Armory Show, New York

Contributor, Artforum, SFAQ, Flash Art, PIN-UP Magazine, DIS Magazine                 


Essayist, “To Be Announced,”, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

Assistant Director, Haines Gallery, San Francisco


Studio Manager, Jane Wattenberg, San Francisco

Publications Assistant Manager, Frieze New York Art Fair, New York


Art Consultant and Contributor, V Magazine, New York


Curatorial Assistant, L.A Goes LivePacific Standard Time, LACE, Los Angeles


Assistant Director, Broadway 1602, New York

Founding Contributor, Dis Magazine, New York


Archivist, Vito Acconci Studio, New York

Curatorial Assistant, Larry List, The Art of Chess, Reykjavik Museum, Iceland     


Assistant Director, Daniel Reich Gallery, New York


Projects, Publications and Speaking Engagements


(forthcoming) Moderator, "How to Be: Ability and its Downfalls in contemporary art," panel discussion organized with Amalia Ulman, Los Angeles

(forthcoming) Contributor, "Candice Lin: Complex Exchange," Art Los Angeles Contemporary Reader, Ed. by Tracy Rosenthal, Los Angeles

Moderator, "Out of Absentia: Artists, Curators, Architects, Teachers and Community Activists in Response to Inauguration Day 2017," panel discussion organized by 501(3)c Foundation, Schindler Baptist Church, Los Angeles

Moderator, "One Stop Shopping: Spectacle and Affect in Social Media Today," panel discussion with Lucy Chinen, Aria Dean and Ryan Linkof, Photo LA, Los Angeles


Author, Ivana Basic: Throat wanders down the blade..., (exh. cat.), Annka Kultys Gallery, London

Moderator, “Context in Flux: contemporary art in space and online,” panel discussion with Jeff Baij, Gene McHugh, Ceci Moss, Ryder Ripps, and Michael Staniak, organized by ArtTable, Steve Turner, Los Angeles

Speaker, “Children of the Singularity: In Conversation with Megan Daalder,” In the Flesh Part ll: Potential AdaptationsGallery Diet, Miami

Speaker, “Courtney Malick in Conversation with Ivana Basic,” In the Flesh Part ll: Potential Adaptations, Gallery Diet, Miami


Moderator, panel discussion with Sean Raspet, Encyclopedia Inc., and Lucy Chinen, In the Flesh Part l: Subliminal Substances, Martos Gallery, Los Angeles

Speaker, “In the Flesh,” Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami

Editor, Science in Surrealism, (exh. cat.), Gallery Wendi Norris, San Francisco

Editor, Man Ray and Sherrie Levine: A Dialog Through Objects, Images and Ideas, (exh. cat.) curated by Larry List, Jablonka Maruani Mercier Gallery, Brussels


Guest Lecturer, “To Be Announced,” MFA Dept. of Integrated Media, California Institute of the Arts, CA

Author, “In Conversation with Bill Viola,” STILETTO Magazine, Paris


Author, “Dora Budor: New Lavoro,” Palazzo Peckham, (exh. cat.), 55th Venice Biennale

Actor, Comma Boat, Ryan Trecartin, The Encyclopedic Palace, curated by Massimiliano Gioni, 55th Venice Biennale


Curator, Compositional, The New Black, San Francisco


Curator, (Re)Move/(Re)FrameBrody Condon, Shana Moulton and YemenwedMaster’s Thesis, CCS Galleries, Bard College, NY


Curator, DIS MagazineSoft Negotiations, NADA Art Fair, Miami

Curator, forMALE: TELFAR (in collaboration with Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch), White Box, New York

Curatorial Assistant, Philippe Parreno, (exh. cat.), CCS Galleries, Bard College, New York


Curator, UnattachedThe Body’s Memory, 47 Canal, New York

Curator, The Unattainable, Envoy Enterprises, New York

Actor, Any Ever, Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch, MOCA, Los Angeles


Selected Press

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